Taking Photos, Choosing Favorites.

We’re starting to look at the digital side of journalism. The parts of the trade that aren’t pen-on-paper or hands to keyboards. For an assignment, we had to go and take three photos: one still image of one of the tiger statues on campus (a wholly unremarkable sight to behold after your first week as a student — there are several. Therein lies the challenge: making the photo interesting), a portrait and a “news image” that tells a viewer that the seasons are changing from summer to fall.

So. I went and I took some photos.




I selected this one because of the background. I have a huge affinity for the Maryland flag, so it was nice to include it. The position of the statue’s face falls in line with the rule of thirds (which is always a plus) and the angle I shot this at makes, I think, the statue look larger than it is.







For the portrait, I chose to shoot an image of Carley, the arts and life editor at The Towerlight. I like this image because her hair gives a nice frame to her face, she’s in the side of the image (not dead center), shot at eye level and the photo shows her working at a computer in the Towerlight Office — which tells the story of about 80% of all the editors’ lives.



I chose this image for my “news” photo because I don’t like fall. Fall is my second least favorite season, and I think that the rain that’s featured so prominently in this photo relays the absolute sorrow I feel with the changing seasons (I may be a tad dramatic about these sorts of things). Aside from that, though, I think that the photo is more interesting that just a standard “oh here’s the sky” picture. Instead of focusing on the scenery, I got my camera to focus on the rainy fall weather. In the out of focus background, you can see leaves that are changing color (signaling the changing season) and the whole vista is nicely framed by the building on the left.


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