Summer 2016

I’m constantly in the habit of trying to blog more.

It…doesn’t always work. Moving on.

Summer 2016 is going to be totally different than summer 2015. Last summer, I worked with Appalachia Service Project in Rutherford County, North Carolina. I blogged about it a few times. It was an incredible summer, and I wouldn’t trade it for the world, as difficult as it was sometimes.

This summer, I’ve been interning at WMAR-TV and working a lot with the digital team at I’ve gone out on stories with reporters, created my own multimedia stories and produce daily content for the website.

It’s been a lot of fun–and an incredible experience. I’ve learned a lot about how a broadcast package comes together, and I’ve learned even more about how to work with Adobe Premiere Pro. It turns out that I really like video editing.

Working in the digital newsroom at WMAR has also inspired me to get started on transitioning The Towerlight to a digitally-focused newsroom…or, at least, a more digitally-focused newsroom.

We don’t do enough video stories, for example. And our website should have fresh stories up every day. There’s no excuse for it, really…Those are my two big goals for my year as editor-in-chief.

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