Story gathering assignment

Last week, for the feature writing class that I’m taking, we were tasked with exploring uptown Towson in search of story ideas. Below are four short pitches that were inspired from that expedition.


The service, which delivers from restaurants that wouldn’t otherwise deliver, is based in Baltimore and recently launched in Towson. Walking around uptown, you can see several local eateries, including the infamous Towson Hot Bagels, have plastered OrderUp stickers on their walls. The service works great on campus, but how does the business plan on maintaing that buzz and catering to students who live off campus and out of range of some of the deliveries?

“I think over time, of course, the novelty of having [Towson Hot Bagels] delivered will fade, but we’ll still continue to have a presence with weekly deals, on campus events, partnerships with student groups,” said Jake Ulick, senior marketing intern for OrderUp. 

Olympian Park

It’s that tiny patch of green on the north end of the Towson traffic circle, but not many people could actually tell you much about it. When was it built? Whose idea was it? For all the traffic Towson gets every day, and for all the foot traffic that section of uptown gets during the warmer months, I’ve never seen many people in the park, or talked to anyone who’s mentioned anything about it. I want to know why that happened.

The Chamber of Commerce

From working at The Towerlight and getting settled into the Towson area, it’s been easy for me to see that the Towson Chamber of Commerce is an important part of the community. They’re always launching new initiatives, and put on the spring festival each year. There are other cities or communities with chambers of commerce that aren’t anywhere near as influential or even noticeable. There was a meeting going on at the Chamber on the night we were wandering around looking for story ideas. I want to know not only what was going on during that meeting, but why the Towson Chamber is so noticeable compared to other chambers.

Towson Citizens on Patrol

Walking around, I noticed a sign for the Towson Downtown Citizens on Patrol. Some quick Googling told me a bit about the group, which fall under the umbrella of the Towson Area Citizens on Patrol — a sort of neighborhood watch group that volunteers to patrol different residential neighborhoods and report suspicious or criminal activity. I want to know more about these groups — how they work, how far they go back, and what, exactly, they do on a normal night. Do patrols stop when it gets colder? Have any of the volunteers run into trouble? Are students from Goucher or Towson ever involved at all? If not, why aren’t they?

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