Here’s my resume and my LinkedIn.

Here’s a collection of some clips from Industry Dive, USA TODAY, The Towerlight, Baltimore City Paper and abc2news.com:

Recyclers limit accepted materials in face of Chinese import ban” – for Waste Dive. China is restricting what scrap materials it’s going to import, which is bad, because they’ve been the world’s largest purchaser for years.

Municipal cans, rats and recycling: Challenges and success stories from Baltimore” – also for Waste Dive. This was a cool conference to get to go to, because it was in Baltimore — a city that I moved to not that long ago and that I want to become more familiar with.

Lessons from the experts: Making a resiliency plan” – for Smart Cities Dive.

8 charged with manslaughter in fraternity hazing death at Penn State” – for USA TODAY College. When the indictment dropped, I worked closely with my editor to sift through the details and get our story out and get our story right. In addition to leading the College site, it was featured on the USA TODAY main page.

Students plan demonstrations, walkouts, for Trump inauguration” – also for USA TODAY College.

Criminal TKE hazing trials conclude” – my very last piece for The Towerlight. Poetically, it was a story I had been following for more than a year.

Towson as a sanctuary campus & response to a campus anti-Trump protest.

Independent, still going strong” – a freelance video piece for abc2news.com

(This is about where the order gets a little out of whack…)

Bernie Sanders’ office opens in Perry Hall, bringing out volunteers young and old”  – for City Paper.

There’s plenty of salt on the roads right now, and a lot of it will end up in your water” – also for City Paper’s The News Hole. I think science writing is cool.

TU students serve in Flint, Michigan” – My first multimedia story for The Towerlight. I got on a bus and road for 10 hours with a bunch of students to see how they were helping out in Flint after the water crisis.

Starbucks could replace Bel-Loc Diner in Baltimore County” – also for WMAR, about a local diner that plans on closing…and how some people aren’t happy with the potential replacement.

Ex-diving coach gets three years probation” – a story I co-wrote with another reporter, about the results from a long, long reporting saga–one that included meetings with anonymous sources, public information act requests (and appeals) and an emotional court hearing.

County Council votes to implement pilot program that would penalize hosts for unruly parties” – a community story I wrote for The Towerlight.

Chandler signs list of demands from black students” – This one temporarily propelled Towson to a national audience, as our interim president signed a demand after a student sit-in that lasted until around 12:40 a.m.

From Campus to Charm City” – a cover story I wrote for The Towerlight after students marched to Baltimore after the death of Freddie Gray in Baltimore.

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