Hump Day

Today, Wednesday, July 1, is ASP Midsummer. Today is the 18th day of construction. We have 17 left. It’s our fourth week of volunteers. Some projects are starting to wrap up — but we’ve still got a lot of work to do.

It seems like this summer has flown by. Wasn’t I just moving in and helping find families to serve?

We’ve already met over 250 new friends (volunteers) and served more than ten families. It’s crazy.

We were featured in the local newspaper (on the front page of the Sunday paper, no big deal) and have made solid relationships with members of the community.

I know it’s midsummer because I’m starting to feel tired. It happened last year, and I had a feeling it would hit again this time around.

It’s not a bad tired, and it’s not “exhausted,” or anything like that. I’m honestly not too sure how to describe it. It’s a kind of fatigue. We’ve been doing this for awhile and it’s starting to feel like going through the motions.

I’m not a fan of going through the motions with this job, but that’s where things are right now. This is a fantastic week. These volunteers are great. But there’s fatigue.

I’m going to get through it, though. The work that’s been accomplished this week has been incredible. I can’t wait to see what else we get done together.

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