Guess who’s back

I haven’t touched this website in awhile and I’m about to graduate, so I figured it was about time I gave it an update.

The most obvious, I think, is the site redesign. It’s a basic theme from WordPress, but you know what? I really like it.

I really like this theme. Sue me.

I’ve been busy this semester (the last one before graduation, yikes) working with USA TODAY College, TEGNA and The Towerlight.

I’ve also been busy shopping for apartments and hunting for a job. I can’t wait until both are 100 percent settled.

Other life things: I’m going to be an uncle soon, a cadre of Towerlighters is going to the Society of Professional Journalists Region II conference in a couple of weeks and I’ve been getting better about taking the time to actually read news instead of just scroll through it.

Just today, I got fitted for a gown for graduation and I’ve already been approved, so long as I don’t fail all my classes — making senioritis become a very, very real thing.

I write this every time, but I really, really do want to become better about maintaining this blog. I love shouting into the void on Twitter … so wouldn’t posting on a blog be even better?

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