A job like this

I like streams.
I like streams.

I don’t know how it took me six weeks of construction, in addition to the full summer of ASP staff that I already have under my belt, to realize this, but I am never going to have another job like being an Appalachia Service Project┬ásummer staffer.

I’ve had weeks that have flown by and weeks that have dragged on forever. I’ve shared a lot of victories with my staff, and with ASP as a whole. We’ve also faced a lot of difficulties — and, recently, a week where a lot of difficulties happened all at once.

I’ve missed home. I’ve missed vacations, birthday parties, graduation parties, my dog and my girlfriend (not necessarily in that order). This summer’s been tough on my anxiety.

But I wouldn’t trade the experience of an ASP summer.

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Hump Day

Today, Wednesday, July 1, is ASP Midsummer. Today is the 18th day of construction. We have 17 left. It’s our fourth week of volunteers. Some projects are starting to wrap up — but we’ve still got a lot of work to do.

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